Your Wallet

All our crypto currencies are based on the ERC20 ETH standard, and are stored in the ETH Blockchain.

This allows you to store our currencies in a standard ETH wallet (Metamask, Mist, MyEtherWallet, ...)

We advice to use METAMASK (a plugin in Chrome) as a wallet :

  • Install the Chrome Browser on your PC
  • Install the Metamask Plugin in Chrome
  • You are now able to see the ETH Ethereum coins in your wallet.
  • To see our coins, click on "ADD TOKEN" and specify the "Token Contract Address"
  • The Token Contract address for our coins
  • GMX  0xd28807d7ef028af6728d12ccd621b2242da2a64f
  • DESI  0xf5afcc39364312a7f336bc476ddca93ac8ec6b8f
  • DIN   0xb94aefda2209ad7cd9a6d1c6a19e5001ce4636db

To transfer these cryptocurrencies to another person or to an Exchange : use

Also in my you have to execute a "Add Customer Token" (right hand at bottom of screen). To add a token you have to specify the contract address (see above), the token symbol (GMX or DESI or DIN), the number of decimal places (=18)