The Team

The DigitalNomad Laboratories is a community of skilled IT and business experts, supported by freelance contractors on an as need base. Our Exco team exists out of :

  • Benjamin B, Co-Founder and CEO : Benjamins holds an Msc in both IT and Finance, and has +30 years experience in IT for financial organisations
  • Linda L, Co-Founder and CMO : Linda holds an Msc in Marketing, and has +20 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing and sales
  • Thomas B, COO : Thomas holds a BSC in Engineering, and has +5 years experience
  • Kristoff R, CSO : Kristoff holds a BSC in Human Sciences and has +10 years experience
  • John C, CTO : John holds an Msc in Mathematics and has +25 years experience in developping complex IT applications
  • Frank V , CFO : Frank holds an MSC in Business Administration, and has +20 years experience as CFO
  • Annelies B, CHO : Annelies holds an MSC in Psychology, and is the chief Happiness officer to keep all contributors to this project motivated.
  • Sofie D, CLO : Sofie holds and Bsc in Human sciences, and is responsable for the Logistics